Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do I remove someone from my organization's staff list?

    A: Please send an email to with the name of the staff member, and we'll remove them from the directory.

  2. Q: How do I edit my profile?

    A: Just log in, go to the user menu at the top-right corner of this page, and select Edit Profile.

  3. Q: Can anyone join this directory? If so, how?

    A: To join this directory, you need to be vouched for by the Hive NYC community. Please send an email to with information about yourself, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

  4. Q: What is the Mini-group digest and how do I sign up?

    A: It's a daily digest of all activity on the Hive NYC Minigroup sent to your email inbox. To receive it, you need to mark the checkbox labeled Send me a daily digest of all activity on the Hive minigroup in your user profile. You'll also likely want to disable email notifications in Minigroup itself, or else you'll receive both a daily digest as well as a separate email for every Minigroup post.